Would You Follow Me?

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From the time the morning sun opens our eyes
Till darkness falls and cast its sleepy slumber
Would you serve the one who has taken you
And never waiver in your desire and dedication

When faced with all that life can give and take
And the daily grind seems to be too much
Would you look into my eyes as I do yours
And treasure our lasting loving bond

If obstacles are in your path of life
And you can clear or avoid them one by one
Would you crawl on hands and knees
To be closer to the one that is meant for you

Feel the draw of my desire for you my precious
And follow your mind and heart to me.
Would you give all of you there is to share
And let me take what truly belongs to me

Think about the pleasure and pain you ache for
And all you seek and have ever wanted
Would you allow your mind and body
To be released to one who knows how to use them

My desire is not only for your loyalty and service
And to use you as I please in every way
Would you follow me as if we were so close
That I held your beating heart in my hand.

From my eBook: Erotic Bdsm Poetry 2

A Diamond In The Rough

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Like a small lump of carbon
Making my way to the surface
Over the years I’ve made my journey
Year by year I inched closer to you

Finally I broke free and saw the light
Only to lie there to be ignored
In no definable form to be noticed
I waited longer still

Others were selected and are gone
To be cared for and cherished
Covered with dust and waiting
For that fateful day

You lifted me up and held me
Wiped away the years of dust
Held me in your strong hands
And saw the beauty within

You cleaned this lump of carbon
From all the impurities and doubts
Molded me to your liking
Showing my many facets

You polished me to brilliance
And love and treasure me
I’ve made my long transformation
From a diamond in the rough

The Journey

•April 26, 2014 • 1 Comment

We are all on a journey of self discovery.
Some have a long journey ahead.
Others keep taking turns off the road.
Some just pull of at a rest area for a while.

The road itself is filled with billboards.
Advertising what others offer and seek.
There are munches so we can gather and meet.
And dungeons to play and explore.

There are those that just take a weekend trip.
And others that just stay on the road.
Some are alone on this journey.
And many have someone to share it with.

But we are all on this journey together.
Whether you seek to satisfy a particular need.
Or search for that special someone.
We still continue to explore and test the limits.

It can be an exciting and rewarding trip.
But one to be planned and prepared for.
So good luck to all on your journey.
May you fly by the vanilla exit.


•April 15, 2014 • 1 Comment

She teased me playfully.
Only in her thigh highs and heels.
She straddled my leg to remove my boot.
Bending over to make sure I could admire her.

One after the other the boots came off.
Then she brought me my drink.
She knelt on the floor in front of me.
Looking down at her.

I could see her hands shaking.
“What is it my precious?” I asked.
“Nothing, I’m here in my place sir,” she replied.
“I’m aware of your place,” I said firmly.

“Now tell me what is wrong,” I added.
Her hands clasp in front of her.
Rubbing them together.
Her head down.

“I was ironing and the iron was too hot sir,” she whimpered.
“And I ruined your favorite shirt sir,” she added.
I could smell the fear.
And sensed the disappointment she had in herself.

“Will you forgive me sir?” she asked.
“Look at me,” I said sternly.
She raised her head with tears rolling down.
“Come to me,” I said.

She crawled on her hands and knees to me.
“Stand up,” I said.
“Yes sir,” she said nervously.
She stood before me not wanting to look at me.

“Come sit in my lap,” I told her.
She curled up in my lap.
Her head on my shoulder.
I caressed her soft skin.

“I forgive you precious,” I whispered in her ear.
I could feel the relief in her body.
“Thank you Sir,” she said quietly.
“You know you’re getting a spanking,” I said.

“Yes Sir,” she replied.
But, she knew it would be a pleasure spanking.
“I really did like that shirt though,” I said.
“Yes Sir, I know and I’m sorry,” she replied.

Then she looked at me and smiled.
My arms began to hold her closer.
“What is it?” I asked.
“As my Master, forgiveness is the most powerful thing you have,” she said.


A Dominants Gift

•April 15, 2014 • 2 Comments

My dominance is a gift
While it is deep and a part of me
I give it to the one I choose
It is not given freely

Like my love it is held close
And with me everyday
Like a gift of submission
It is earned through respect

Only those who have shown me
Patience, loyalty and trust
Will be deserving of my gift
For it is the soul within me

Shared and given with love
To those who see the inner me
And know that there is more
Than bondage and a firm hand

Show you have a submissive mind
And desire to please and submit
And my dominance will grow
With each passing day

Learn my wants and needs
And express honesty always
My heart will soon be yours
And we will exchange our gifts

Open Your Mind (The Bonds Eternal Series)

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eb1coverOpen Your Mind is the first volume in The Bonds Eternal Series by M. S. Stevens
Kate begins an erotic journey with several test to get beyond her shyness. With the help of a friend she is introduced to a whole new world. With guidance and advice from her mentor Mistress Victoria she is exposed to what it is like to be in the hands of an experienced Dom in Master Derek. But she also begins to explore on her own and finds that she is just beginning to open her mind.

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Taste Me Daddy

•February 5, 2014 • 1 Comment

He pushes me gently back on the bed
My head resting on the satin pillow
In the flickering candlelight he moves slowly
Bare chested in those tight black jeans

Standing at the corner of the bed he takes my ankle
Cuffs and clips the rope to it, tightening it down.
He moves to the other corner and takes the other one
My naked breasts heave from my rapid breathing

He stands at the center of the end of the bed
His arms folded across his chest he looks at me
He doesn’t just look at me, he takes me in.
I follow his eyes as he starts with each leg

His eyes moving up my cream colored stockings
I feel them following my glistening slit, up and down
Then to my abdomen and my belly button
Along my ribs to my breasts topped with hard nipples

I feel him examining my face and hair
Then his eyes meet mine and I melt
My ankles involuntarily test the ropes
As he slowly slides out of the black jeans

Never taking his eyes off mine
He lays his head between my legs
Caressing the lace at the top of my stocking
I feel his breath making me wet

He traces my outer lips slowly with his tongue
It begins its caressing and twirling journey
I moan as he moves to the wet center
Taste me Daddy

From my eBook: Erotic Bdsm Poetry 2